A big thank you to everyone who made the Caras de Flamenco showcase a wild success. We played to a sold out audience and graciously received a standing ovation.
Stay tuned for future Caras de Flamenco events.

For more photos from the show, visit the Gallery.

We owe it to our remarkable flamenco artists: dancers Sarah Ward, Talia Ortega, Eve Salonen, Kelli Brown, and Jackie Maclin, singer Samir Osorio, guitarists Ben Phipps, Bryan Douglas and John Bussoletti, and percussionist Tim Funk. Special thanks to photographer Tori Dickson and videographer Mark Corliss.


Beloved by millions, flamenco hearkens from the south of Spain hundreds of years ago, drawing from the folkloric music traditions of the gypsies, Jews, and Moors, giving it its haunting song. Beginning with the singer, flamenco evolved to include dance and guitar, forming its holy trinity.

Flamenco as an art form is as complex as the women (and men) who dance it. Flamenco can contain the world inside of it: darkness, light, joy, sorrow, seduction, and abandonment. It is an outlet, an avenue and a culture that helps women claim their power.

Flamenco Photos by Matt Villanueva and Tori Dickson | Logo by Lark Lettering