In Caras de Flamenco (Faces of Flamenco), you’ll enjoy both visual and performance art with a gallery show featuring photography of the local Seattle flamenco community. You’ll be regaled by live music and dance, with each song and dance containing a different facet of the human experience. The pure flamenco energy, haunting music, and captivating costumes will have you riveted in your seats!

You will meet women and men whose cultural backgrounds span continents, who have been initiated into the global flamenco tribe, to discover a belonging that transcends language and culture.

Caras de Flamenco features the following flamenco artists: dancers Sarah Ward, Talia Ortega, Eve Salonen, Kelli Brown, and Jackie Maclin, singer Samir Osorio, guitarists Ben Phipps and Bryan Douglas, and percussionist Tim Funk.

So what relevance does a centuries old Spanish folk dance have in our modern lives?

Underneath the umbrella of flamenco, there is a dance for virtually every emotion you could experience — the jealousy and joy, passion and playfulness, the tragedy and triumph — it’s effectively an outlet to channel the human experience.

Flamenco is a solo dance — unlike Argentine tango, you don’t need a male partner, which gives a woman incredible autonomy within the art form.

You don’t have to be young or skinny or Spanish to dance it. In fact, like a fine wine, your interpretation gets better as you age because you have experience to add depth and dimension to your dance. The more curves you have, the deeper you can settle into the peso, or heaviness, of the dance.

It’s a majestic thing to behold a woman who stands ferociously in her strength and commands a room.

the details

The backdrop for the evening will be the historic Chapel Performance Space on the fourth floor of the Good Shepherd Center, a former private girl’s school nestled in the heart of Seattle’s Wallingford neighborhood.

Saturday, August 25 at 8pm, doors & gallery at 7pm
Chapel Performance Space | 4649 Sunnyside Ave N, (fourth floor) Seattle, WA
Advance Tickets: $25 General Admission | $35 VIP | $20 Students & Seniors | Pay-What-You-Can
Tickets at the door will be $5 more


Beloved by millions, flamenco hearkens from the south of Spain hundreds of years ago, drawing from the folkloric music traditions of the gypsies, Jews, and Moors, giving it its haunting song. Beginning with the singer, flamenco evolved to include dance and guitar, forming its holy trinity.

Flamenco as an art form is as complex as the women (and men) who dance it. Flamenco can contain the world inside of it: darkness, light, joy, sorrow, seduction, and abandonment. It is an outlet, an avenue and a culture that helps women claim their power.

Flamenco Photo by Matt Villanueva | Logo by Lark Lettering